FalsePositive (or False Positive) is a RI based rock cover band formed in 2009. The band is made up of six experienced musicians, each dedicated to presenting great, high-energy music that will keep the crowd rockin’ all night long. Our varied playlist of songs comes from today’s rock radio. It also includes some well-known classics from the 1970’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s which we have been carefully chosen from the vault, dusted off and revived in our own FalsePositive style.



Swiffy output

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We offer music with the punch and drive to get you up off of the barstool and onto your feet – it’s rock you'll move to. False Positive’s players truly enjoy performing with the goal of showing you a serious good time.

Come see us at an upcoming gig. You’re sure to have as much fun as we’re having. Of that, we’re Positive. falsepositive band ri

Ernie, Eric, Gary, Reid and Alan